Sydney Art Holidays
You are in professional hands
Quality teaching is the only teaching!  And Sydney Art Holidays is bringing you the best this summer!  
The January 2016 workshops will have two of the best tutors around so be sure to book early!
Matt is an award-winning and internationally recognized photographer as well as an accredited photography trainer with over 2 decades of photographic experience.
Matt's dedication to his art takes him around the world capturing amazing images of people, landscapes and life moments.  His work is described as that of 'painting and drawing with light' and he is known for producing mind-blowing pictures whether in his commercial photography or his travel photography fields.
Matt has a strong passion for taking beautiful photos and loves passing on his wealth of knowledge to other budding photographers and students. 
Matt has agreed to create a one-day, tailor-made course exclusive to Sydney Art Holidays, specifically in the art of smartphone photography - teaching us how to produce professional photos while enhancing our creativity and opening up our visual world.  Read about Matt's iphonography here.